Technical Consultation: Does BR Backup Fetch Data from the TiKV Cluster from the Leader or from All Regions?

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Original topic: 技术咨询:BR备份从TiKV集群搂数据,是从leader搂还是所有region中都搂

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] 7.1.0

When BR backs up data from the TiKV cluster, does it pull data from the leader or from all peers?

Official documentation states: It retrieves TiKV and region information from the snapshot of the TiKV cluster and pulls data to storage;

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Leader slot, as I remember.

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Is there any relevant technical documentation? I feel it should also be on the leader.

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Pulled from the leader, the documentation is very clear.


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Thank you, thank you.
I still didn’t see it clearly. :hot_face:

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Only Leader

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Special case:

Read-Only Storage Node Best Practices | PingCAP Documentation Center

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It definitely reads from the leader, and under standard conditions, data is also read from the leader.

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