The company requires specifying the architecture of TiDB: B/S or C/S?

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Original topic: 公司要求填写TIDB属于什么架构?B/S 还是C/S

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The documentation written in the company states that TiDB belongs to B/S. Is this incorrect?

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b/s is browser and server, TiDB obviously does not use a browser as a client.

c/s can barely be considered.

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Let’s go with the C/S model.

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C/S project conclusion

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C/S architecture requires a client-server setup, while B/S architecture involves the participation of a browser.

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It should be a C/S architecture.

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Client-Server architecture

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The application architecture belongs to C/S, requiring the client to connect to TiDB and initiate requests.

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I feel like this shouldn’t be classified as BS or CS, it’s neither.

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Strictly speaking, it is a kind of service :sweat_smile:

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It seems that none of them belong.

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It feels like none of them belong.

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It’s not even the application layer, so it can’t be divided into B/S or C/S at all.

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It should be more relevant to distributed architecture.

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Only application systems are divided into CS/BS. Databases are infrastructure, how can they be divided this way? Do we categorize Windows or Linux as BS or CS?

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The CS architecture (Client-Server Architecture) is a distributed computing model in which clients and servers communicate over a network. In this architecture, the client is responsible for sending requests to the server and receiving responses from the server. The server is responsible for processing the client’s requests and returning the corresponding results. The CS architecture is commonly used to build large-scale network applications, such as web applications, email systems, database management systems, etc.

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CS, but BS requires a browser.