The data synchronized from dm timestamp(3) type to datetime(3) is inconsistent with the previous data

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Original topic: dm timestamp(3)类型同步到 datetime(3)数据同步的和之前数据不一致

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【TiDB Environment】test
【TiDB Version】tidb v5.4 dm v6.3.0

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What tool was used for synchronization? What is 330300? Are you sure it’s not the synchronization tool’s fault?

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The synchronization tool is DM.

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Try to use the same version for TiDB and DM as much as possible.

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The datetime type and timestamp type in TiDB are not completely equivalent: 日期和时间类型 | PingCAP 文档中心

Additionally, how are you using DM to synchronize these tables? Why do the upstream and downstream tables have different field types?

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Is the upstream MariaDB or MySQL?

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The order of the table columns must be exactly the same.

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