The DDL statement cancellation is stuck in cancelling

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Original topic: 取消DDL语句一直在cancelling

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] Upgraded from 5.4 to 7.5

It has been upgraded for several months. A few days ago, it suddenly became impossible to create tables. By using ADMIN SHOW DDL JOBS to check the blocked DDL information, and then using ADMIN CANCEL DDL JOBS xxx,xxx,xxx… to cancel all pending DDLs, but it remains in the cancelling state.

I also tried the method of electing a new owner as described in SQL 操作常见问题 | PingCAP 文档中心, but it still cannot be cancelled. Is there any solution?

Thank you!

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The most reliable solution at present is to restart all tidb-servers.

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It seems like in many of these scenarios, a restart is required.

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Try the expert’s method:

  1. Check mysql.tidb_mdl_view and kill blocking processes.
  2. Shut down all TiDB servers, then restart them.
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TiDB does not seem to have event tracing functionality similar to Oracle Event Trace. If conditions permit, try to find some downtime to restart the node.

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Take a look at this issue.

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The magic of rebooting

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Restart the TiDB server

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Indeed, generally restarting the TiDB node is more reliable. Note that it is restarting the TiDB node, not the TiDB cluster.

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Restart all TiDB servers.

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Go check the DDL owner logs.

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Try restarting during idle time to see if it can be restored.

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Is this a bug in TiDB? Although restarting works, you can’t just restart in a production environment.

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Restart all TiDB servers.

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You can’t just restart in a production environment, right? Let’s see if any developers can take a look.

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Just wait, the data volume is probably too large, waiting for rollback.

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Is it still locking the metadata? Try killing any other processes that are executing as well.

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The upgrade process is not user-friendly, which discourages many users :face_exhaling:

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I can handle this. Based on my experience:

  1. Restart all TiDB nodes (I’ve done this once).
  2. Check the logs of the owner node to see if there are any logs related to “schema not sync”. In my experience, there might be large DML operations on a related table on a certain node. Find and kill this DML operation, and it should be resolved.
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The art of rebooting