The default value of ticdc enable-old-value is true and cannot be changed to false, what should I do?

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Original topic: ticdc enable-old-value 默认值是true,不能改成false,咋办?

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The online V5.4 TiDB cluster uses TiCDC to synchronize data to Kafka, but because there are too many data columns, the default value of TiCDC’s enable-old-value is true, resulting in too much data volume. Therefore, I want to change it to false, but starting the task reports an error [CDC:ErrOldValueNotEnabled] old value is not enabled. How can I modify it or is there another way to handle it?

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How did you change it to false? Did you restart the changefeed?

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Is this the one that was changed? replication-task.yaml
enable-old-value: false

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Changing it to false will result in an error, indicating [CDC:ErrOldValueNotEnabled] old value is not enabled. I just want to know if there is any other way to set enable-old-value to false.

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What version of CDC?

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You need to refer to the synchronization limitations: TiCDC 简介 | PingCAP 文档中心

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