The documentation for statement-summary-tables is incorrect

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Original topic: statement-summary-tables文档介绍有误

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According to the documentation, the statements_summary_history table should only retain records for 12 hours, but in reality, it has stored data for several months.

For more details, see this discussion:

There is a moderator’s reply in that post:

However, it still seems difficult to understand. (tidb_stmt_summary_max_stmt_count should control the statements_summary table, not the statements_summary_history. If this parameter controls the statements_summary_history table, then what is the logic for data deletion in the statements_summary_history table?)

I hope the official documentation can clarify this.

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Feedback provided~

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The related PR can be seen at the following link: sql: update statement summary doc by crazycs520 · Pull Request #14738 · pingcap/docs-cn · GitHub

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