The filter does not work when using TiDB CDC

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Original topic: TiDB CDC时的filter不起作用。

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I created a synchronization task as follows: curl -X POST -H “‘Content-type’:‘application/json’” http://IP:8300/api/v2/changefeeds -d ‘{“changefeed_id”:“ticdc1test3”,“sink_uri”:“mysql://root:cisdiinfo2023@IP:4000”,“replica_config”:{“filter”:{“do_dbs”:[“ctest1”]}}}’, with the aim of synchronizing only the ctest1 database. However, in practice, I found that in addition to the data from the ctest1 database, data from the enterprise table was also synchronized. Do I need to do any other configuration? I followed the steps according to the official documentation.

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Isn’t CDC filtering done using rules = [‘ctest1.*’]?

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