The issue of slow data insertion in TiDB

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Original topic: tidb插入数据慢的问题

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[Encountered Problem: Problem Phenomenon and Impact] With three TiDB storage nodes, after inserting 40 million rows into a table, the insertion speed becomes very slow, with only a dozen rows inserted per second. Given sufficient disk space on the three nodes, how large can a single table grow? What are the solutions for slow insertion?
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You can refer to this for troubleshooting:

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Data write is relatively slow, it might be related to disk IO. Is the disk an SSD or a mechanical hard drive?

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Please share your cluster configuration. My single table data volume exceeds 100 million, with a maximum of 2 billion, and it can still be stored successfully.

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Please also describe your method of data insertion. The more detailed, the better.

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I use replace into