The job is stuck and unresponsive, and after canceling it, the subsequent jobs still cannot run

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Original topic: job卡死一直没有反应,然后把它cancel后,接下来的job还是无法运行

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Over 40 million records, deleting one field, 24GB of memory remaining.

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Cancel everything and start over?
Also, check the TiDB monitoring? Investigate why it’s stuck? Are the resources being heavily utilized?

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What is this job about?

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Canceling means it is in the process of being canceled, not successfully canceled. If it is really urgent, you can try restarting the tidb-server.

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Execute after canceling is finished.

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What job is it? Does it need optimization?

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How much data is in the table where you added the column, and how long did you wait? This operation is very slow with large amounts of data.

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This dataset has over 40 million records. Deleting a field has no response. There are still 24GB of memory left.

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Check if this view has any content: mysql.tidb_mdl_view