The log information in the full dump phase of DM is missing a table

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Original topic: DM全量dump阶段日志信息少一个表

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Check the DM synchronization task log:
[dumpling.go:299] [“progress status of dumpling”] [task=task_231121_01] [unit=dump] [total_tables=235] [finished_tables=234] [estimated_total_rows=4880299538] [finished_rows=5033309689] [estimated_progress=100.00%] [“new progress”=“100.00 %”] [bps=12889740]

There are a total of 235 tables, it shows that 234 tables have been completed, but the completion rate is still 100%.

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First, check the tables on both sides, compare them, and see which table is missing.

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I checked the exported *schema.sql, and indeed there are 235 of them.

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Which table is missing?

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Could it be that there is table filtering? The prompt information indeed shows total_tables 235, finished_tables 234. However, the rows have actually increased. :joy:

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Is there any DDL during the backup? Check it with admin show.

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Check which tables are missing, whether they have been filtered out or are temporary tables or something like that.

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Check if there are any special types of tables.

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Temporary table???

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The full database export did not filter, so if there are tables that do not meet the criteria, they should not be displayed in the total stage, right?
The export file contains the table creation statements for 235 tables. Now, looking at the target end, there are also 235 tables, but since over 100 tables were manually created in advance on the target end, it’s not easy to check if there are any issues.

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Try using this tool.

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First, find out the table name and see if there is anything special about that table.

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