The necessary component `NgMonitoring` is not started in the cluster, some functions will be unavailable

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Original topic: 集群中未启动必要组件 NgMonitoring,部分功能将不可用

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The dashboard interface shows that the necessary component NgMonitoring in the cluster is not started, and some functions will be unavailable. Following the official documentation to restart the machine component with tiup cluster reload tidb-test --role prometheus did not solve the issue.

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I have encountered this as well, but I usually ignore it.
This ngmonitor is mainly useful for debugging issues. I haven’t used it before.

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Try referring to this.

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I tried it, but it still doesn’t work.

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The error message indicates that the tidb-server process is not running. You can check the status of the tidb-server process by using the ps command to see if it is running. If it is not running, you can start it using the systemctl start tidb command.

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Column - Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a TiDB Contributor | TiDB Community
See if this is useful to you?

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Check if there are any dependent parameters or functions that are not enabled for this component.

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This is not very useful, just top SQL and diagnostic information collection.

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You can do without the NgMonitor feature, it doesn’t have much impact.

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Refer to the documentation

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After taking a break, it got better.

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