The newly created database in the Ticdc synchronization instance is synchronized, but the newly created tables in the new database are not synchronized

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Original topic: Ticdc同步实例中新建的数据库同步了但是新建数据库的新创建的表没同步

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【TiDB Usage Environment】Production Environment
【TiDB Version】v6.2.0
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The synchronization task is normal, but a new database was created, and new table structure information was imported into the database. However, the slave database only synchronized the database information, and the table is empty!
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Check ticdc task information

The task is running normally. How to troubleshoot this situation?

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You can look at the following aspects:

  1. Check the binary logs on the primary server: On the primary server, check the binary logs to confirm whether the table data has been written to the binary logs. You can use the command SHOW BINARY LOGS; to view the list of binary logs on the primary server and ensure that the replica has copied these logs.

  2. Check the replication filter configuration on the replica: In some cases, the replica may be configured with replication filter rules, causing certain table data not to be replicated. You can use the command SHOW GLOBAL VARIABLES LIKE 'replicate_%'; to view the replication-related configurations on the replica and ensure that no filter rules are set.

  3. Check if the table definition has been imported to the replica: When importing table structure information, confirm that the table definition has been correctly imported to the replica. You can use the command SHOW CREATE TABLE your_table_name; to check if the table definition is correct. If the definition does not exist, you need to re-import or re-execute the import operation.

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If you are using Kafka, can you connect to Kafka and check if there are any recent consumption statements for table creation?

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Okay, thank you.

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Check if the table is without a primary key.

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Check the filtering rules.

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Are there any errors in the CDC logs?

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Now it’s possible without a primary key, but the performance is low.

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