The Path to PTCA Certification | 101 Study Notes Part 1: TiDB Database Architecture Part 1

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Original topic: PTCA认证之路 | 101学习笔记一 TiDB 数据库架构之一

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Course Name: Course Version (101) + TiDB Database Core Principles and Architecture TiDB Database Architecture

Study Duration: Approximately 16 hours

Course Gains:

  • Understand the features, architecture, and initial application scenarios of TiDB.
  • Understand the functions and business collaboration of TiDB Server, TiKV, TiFlash, and PD.

Course Content:

Problems or Extended Thoughts Encountered During Learning:

  • Extended Thought 1: In the latest version, TiDB provides more and faster tools to complete certain operations, such as TiUni. It is necessary to compare with the latest version to understand the background of the tools and what needs they meet for better utilization.
  • Extended Thought 2: Teacher Dong’s video explanation is detailed enough for 101, but for some more detailed mechanisms and applications that are not understood, it is possible to try to search in the corresponding version documents.

Other References Used During Learning:

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