The Path to PTCA Certification | 101 Study Notes Part 1: TiDB Database Architecture Part 2

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Original topic: PTCA认证之路 | 101学习笔记一 TiDB 数据库架构之二

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Course Name: Course Version (101) + Core Principles and Architecture of TiDB Database TiDB Server

Study Duration: Approximately 16 hours

Course Gains:

  • Understand the role and composition of TiDB Server.
  • Understand the collaboration of SQL read/write related modules.
  • Understand the collaboration of online DDL related modules.
  • Understand the GC mechanism and related module collaboration.

Course Content:

Problems or Extended Thoughts Encountered During Learning:

  • Extended Thought 1: For tables exceeding the limit, can they be split and optimized using the hotspot small table mechanism?

Other References Used During Learning: