The progress of the CDC task has not changed since it was created, and the sorter has not output any KV events

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Original topic: CDC任务进度在创建开始之后就没有变过,sorter一直不输出kv event

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] v5.3.0
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This cluster has large transactions, and since the changefeed task started, the checkpointTs has not changed.
The sorter is unified.
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Previously, I noticed that the data in the sorter on the disk was particularly large. I initially thought it was a disk performance issue causing the sorter not to output events, so I increased the threshold for the sorter to store data on the disk. Now the sorter sorts entirely in memory, but still no kv events are output, only a few resolved events are output sporadically.

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You need to wait for the incremental scan to complete before it starts outputting data to the downstream.

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The data flow should be puller->sorter->mounter->sink, it shouldn’t stop outputting at the sorter stage.

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Excuse me, was the final output generated?