The regular expression in the documentation does not match the given example

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Original topic: 文档中的正则表达式匹配不上给出的例子

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In this section, the regular expression


cannot match the given sample URL


The correct regular expression should be:


This way, it can match the database name and table name containing the (-) character.
Tests show that both the database name and table name can contain the (-) character.

After posting, I realized it might be a display issue. When quoted in comments, (\) is swallowed, and (\\) needs to be used for escaping. This might be why the originally correct regular expression became incorrect.

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Got it~ I’ll provide feedback~

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Relevant PR can be seen at: tidb-lightning: rename tables and databases by pepezzzz · Pull Request #15440 · pingcap/docs-cn · GitHub

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Thank you for your feedback~. The (-) character can be included. If your database table name contains the (-) character, just add it directly.

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May I ask, what database is used in the picture above, and which version of Aurora is it?

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The database used is TiDB 7.4.

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Got it. Here, Aurora is just used as an example to explain this feature. Once you understand this feature, you can use it more flexibly and are not limited to the example. (-) It has already been added in the PR :blush:

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