The Risks of Skipping DDL Operations in TiCDC

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Original topic: TiCDC跳过DDL操作的风险

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
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I see that the official documentation mentions skipping DDL operations by adding 1 to the TSO. Could this operation be risky? In extreme scenarios, is it possible that more than just the DDL could be skipped?

TiCDC Fault Handling | PingCAP Documentation Center

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What is the reason for the DDL failure? You can modify it on the standby database to allow TiCDC’s DDL to execute normally.

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There is a risk of data loss when skipping this DDL operation by incrementing the TSO by 1?

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The way to perform safe operations should be done like this:

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In extreme scenarios, it may skip non-DDL statements.

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You can skip it. There’s no risk, just skip over it.

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Are you suspecting that the skipped TSO corresponds to other statements besides DDL statements? This shouldn’t be the case. A TSO should correspond to a single transaction, and there shouldn’t be other statements sharing a TSO with a DDL statement.

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Could you please elaborate?

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Yes, that’s right. There won’t be any issues this way.

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In the database, there can only be one transaction per TSO, so concurrent transactions are not possible.

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Got it. Thanks for the guidance, everyone!

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Manually execute this transaction, then skip it.

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Manual execution

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