The root account's modifications to the database are not effective

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Original topic: root账户修改库中的数据不生效

| username: TiDBer_EZRFJMZK

[Test Environment] TiDB
[TiDB Version] v4.0.16
[Reproduction Path] Modifying a specific data entry in a table does not take effect
[Encountered Problem: Phenomenon and Impact]
Query data as shown in the figure credit_code=914304827828692797

Modify data, execution shows success

Reopen the window to query, the data has not changed credit_code=914304827828692797

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I’ve never encountered this before. Could it be that another program is continuously updating the data?

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Deleting data will also be restored.

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Is it possible that the client has turned off auto commit and hasn’t actually committed?

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Manually execute COMMIT.

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Try executing it through the MySQL client.

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  1. Is this root user the superuser root in the database, or is it a business user also named root?
  2. What permissions does this root user have?
  3. Check if the autocommit for this user is turned off?
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SHOW VARIABLES LIKE ‘%autocommit%’; Take a look.