The system variable setting did not take effect when queried with show variables like

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Original topic: 系统变量设置后用show variables like 查询没有生效

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You need to exit and reconnect to see it.

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After modifying global, it does not take effect for already connected sessions; the sessions need to reconnect after the parameter modification.

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Exit and reconnect, then query again. The global setting does not take effect for the current session.

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Global is not visible to the current session.

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Switch to another session window, global is not visible to the current session. You can use the set session syntax to take effect for the current session.

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This is as expected. It is important to note the scope of system variables; global variables will not affect the current session.

The behavior of TiDB system variables is similar to MySQL, where the scope of variables can be either session-level (Session Scope) or global-level (Global Scope). Specifically:

  • Changes to SESSION scope variables only affect the current session after being set.
  • Changes to GLOBAL scope variables take effect immediately. If the variable also has a SESSION scope, all connected sessions (including the current session) will continue to use the current SESSION variable value.
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Exit and re-enter

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in the client is equivalent to reconnecting.

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The difference between global and session scope

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Global variables need to be reconnected to take effect.

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Need to switch to another terminal?

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