The task status of adding a unique index remains in the running state

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Original topic: 添加唯一索引任务状态一直处于running状态

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Adding a unique index to a table with 37 rows remains in the running state. The table structure is as follows:
CREATE TABLE wechat_video_channels_account (
id bigint(0) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT COMMENT ‘Auto-increment ID’,
account_id varchar(255) NOT NULL COMMENT ‘Unique ID of the account in the video channel’,
account_name varchar(255) NOT NULL COMMENT ‘Account name’,
update_time datetime NOT NULL ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP COMMENT ‘Update time’,
create_time datetime NOT NULL COMMENT ‘Creation time’,
PRIMARY KEY (id) /*T![clustered_index] CLUSTERED */

The index addition statement is ALTER TABLE lego_star_test.wechat_video_channels_account ADD UNIQUE INDEX accountid_uidx(account_id);

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First, check if the table select * from tidb_mdl_view; has any data.

Also, how large is the data volume?

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If the data is very small and adding an index is very slow, then there might be some special operations, such as causing locks.

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There is no data when viewing this table, it only has 37 rows of data.

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Check the monitoring, CPU, and IO status.

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[2024/05/29 18:51:18.585 +08:00] [INFO] [index.go:620] [“[ddl] run add index job”] [job=“ID:9923, Type:add index, State:running, SchemaState:none, SchemaID:192, TableID:9875, RowCount:0, ArgLen:6, start time: 2024-05-29 18:40:33.992 +0800 CST, Err:[ddl:-1][Lightning:PD:ErrCreatePDClient]create pd client error: [pd] unmatched cluster id, ErrCount:151, SnapshotVersion:0, UniqueWarnings:0”] [indexInfo=“{"id":4,"idx_name":{"O":"accountid_uidx","L":"accountid_uidx"},"tbl_name":{"O":"","L":""},"idx_cols":[{"name":{"O":"account_id","L":"account_id"},"offset":1,"length":-1}],"state":0,"backfill_state":0,"comment":"","index_type":1,"is_unique":true,"is_primary":false,"is_invisible":false,"is_global":false,"mv_index":false}”]

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The relevant error log is on this.

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Disabling the fast DDL feature allows indexes to be added normally.

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High pressure on the Region leader node may also affect the execution speed of DDL.