There are many sets in TiDB QPS monitoring

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Original topic: tidb qps监控中set比较多

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There are a lot of sets in the tidb qps monitoring metrics. What is the reason and how can it be optimized?
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  1. In the case of short connections, session-level variables are set.
  2. In the case of long connections, the program sets session-level variables each time a statement is executed or a transaction is started.
    Both scenarios are likely to increase the number of sets, such as frequently using “set names=xxx” in MySQL. To optimize this, you need to check where the session-level variables are set in the program.
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Some application’s connection pool frameworks will execute set autocommit = 1.

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If the increase happened recently, check the recent production record changes. If it has been persistent, it is likely caused by newly deployed applications, and you need to check if the data source proxy has been changed or parameters have been adjusted. If it is intermittent, it might be due to scheduled scripts or programs that adjust session-level variables with set commands.

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