There has always been this alert, ticdc_memory_abnormal

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Original topic: 一直有这个告警,ticdc_memory_abnormal

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There is still a lot of memory left. I checked the meaning of this alert, which indicates that TiCDC heap memory usage exceeds 10 GiB. Does it have any significance? My CDC server has 62G of memory, and 32G is used. Can I increase this alert value, and what are the risks?

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To add, I didn’t see any anomalies in the logs either.

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It doesn’t make much sense, you can increase it :grinning:

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How much have you all set? As long as the server memory is sufficient, can the alert threshold be increased?

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The alert is meaningless as long as the actual memory usage does not exceed the limit.

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Go to the configuration file under prometheus at tidb-deploy/prometheus-8249/conf to modify the alert rules.

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Yes, as long as it doesn’t OOM, it’s fine.

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Please post the logs for review.

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Here are some possible causes for the “ticdc_memory_abnormal” alert:

  1. Insufficient memory allocation for TiCDC during runtime, unable to meet the demands of large-scale data changes conversion and transmission.
  2. Too many database changes being monitored by TiCDC, with limited processing capacity.
  3. Memory leaks or other memory management issues within TiCDC.

Here are some potential solutions:

  1. Increase the memory quota for TiCDC during runtime to enhance its ability to handle data changes.
  2. Adjust the scope and frequency of data capture by TiCDC to reduce its memory burden, ensuring better handling of data changes.
  3. Check TiCDC logs to identify potential memory issues and bottlenecks, and attempt to modify TiCDC configurations or resolve issues.
  4. Update TiCDC to the latest version to take advantage of the latest optimizations and updates.

The “ticdc_memory_abnormal” alert requires attention to TiCDC’s memory usage. By checking TiCDC logs and configurations, appropriately adjusting runtime parameters, you can ensure the stability and accuracy of TiCDC.

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Go to the configuration file tidb-deploy/prometheus-8249/conf to change the alert rules.