There is always a non-existent table in traffic visualization

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Original topic: 流量可视化一直有一个不存在的表

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] 5.4.0
[Reproduction Path] Recently, TiDB has been experiencing high latency. Upon checking traffic visualization, it was found that a table had a read volume of around 20G per minute. Due to business reasons, this table was backed up and deleted, but the read volume did not decrease. In the traffic visualization, the table name changed to table_3906.
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SHOW ANALYZE STATUS; Check if this table exists, it might still be collecting statistics.

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Just checked, there’s nothing.

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Is it because the GC time is too long that the data hasn’t been truly deleted?

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The default configuration should be once every 10 minutes?

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Has no one encountered this situation?

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Can this table find the associated database?
select * from INFORMATION_SCHEMA.tables where table_name=‘table_3906’

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No, I can’t find it.

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Hello, you can use the API to grep this table to see if there are any create and delete operations.
curl http://{TiDBIP}:10080/ddl/history

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The problem is solved. I checked the region where the key is located and then checked the table contained in this region. I found that a business table had appeared in the slow query and did not have an index. After adding an index to this table, the phenomenon disappeared, and the TiDB latency returned to normal. Is this a bug?

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