TiCDC cannot use KOP to create a changefeed with Pulsar as the downstream

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Original topic: ticdc无法使用kop创建下游为pulsar的 changefeed

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【TiDB Version】
TiDB: 7.2.0
Pulsar: 2.9.3
Pulsar KOP:

Using the Kafka client tool offset explorer to directly connect to Pulsar KOP works fine.

【Reproduction Path】Operations that led to the issue

case-sensitive = true
enable-old-value = true
rules = ['test.t1', 'test.t2', 'test.t3', 'test.t4', 'test.t5']
worker-num = 8
dispatchers = [
    { matcher = ['test.*'], topic = "{schema}-cdc-{table}" }
protocol = "canal-json"

Command to create Changefeed

tiup ctl:v7.2.0 cdc changefeed create  \ 
  --pd=  \
  --sink-uri="kafka://"   \
  --changefeed-id="prod-tidb-cdc-pulsar-kop"  \
  --config /home/tidb/.tiup/ticdc/changefeed/prod-tidb-cdc-pulsar-kop.toml


Error: [CDC:ErrKafkaNewProducer]new kafka producer: kafka: client has run out of available brokers to talk to: EOF
Error: exit status 1
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This error message indicates that TiCDC cannot connect to the Kafka brokers :thinking:

How about using telnet to check? telnet
Is the configuration correct?:

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The image you provided is not visible. Please provide the text you need translated.

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If it’s a test environment, how about trying a different KOP version? A known KOP issue: [BUG] Get a NONE error when getting broker's config · Issue #1836 · streamnative/kop · GitHub

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