TiCDC connection to ClickHouse error

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Original topic: ticdc连接clickhouse报错

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I saw from the ClickHouse documentation that it supports the MySQL wire communication protocol. When creating a CDC task, the following error is reported:
Error: [CDC:ErrMySQLConnectionError] fail to open MySQL connection: Error 62: Code: 62. DB::Exception: Syntax error: failed at position 15 (‘“Asia/Shanghai”’): “Asia/Shanghai”. Expected one of: TRUE, FALSE, literal, NULL, number, Bool, true, false, string literal. (SYNTAX_ERROR) (version
Has anyone encountered this? How should it be handled?

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The old version of the MySQL client cannot log in locally either. Upgrading the client to 8.0 is required to log in to ClickHouse. It is suspected that ClickHouse only supports version 8.0.


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Syntax error: failed at position 15 (‘“Asia/Shanghai”’):

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The error message contains the timezone parameter “Asia/Shanghai”. Ensure that the value of this parameter meets the requirements of ClickHouse.

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It should be impossible to achieve 100% syntax support.