TICDC Data Migration Failure

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Original topic: TICDC 迁移数据失败

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment / TiDB Cluster V4.0.7 Version TICDC Version: Local installed version: v5.3.0
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[Reproduction Path]

  1. Successfully installed CDC via tiup

  2. Failed to create migration task via tiup cdc

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[Resource Configuration]
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[Attempted Solutions]

  1. Checked TiKV version via pd-ctl, all are version 4.0.7
  2. The cluster version has not been upgraded, and no residual nodes were found
  3. Other suggestions: Need to upgrade TiKV version to 5.0.1, which has a significant impact, so it was not attempted

[CDC:ErrVersionIncompatible] version is incompatible: TiKV 4.0.7 is not supported, the minimal compatible version is 5.1.0-alpha

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It is best to keep the Ticdc version consistent with the cluster.

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I installed CDC through tiup, and it looks like the versions are inconsistent; can the CDC version be downgraded?

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CDC is just a component. After installing with tiup, you can uninstall it using tiup uninstall.
When installing, you can specify the version, e.g., tiup install cdc:v4.0.7.

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You can check the specific command parameters with help.

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Version inconsistency

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Currently, there are still some TiDB clusters running version 5.2 that use version 5.3 of TiCDC for synchronization. Downgrading to version 4.0.7 of CDC should not support synchronization with version 5.2 clusters either. Based on your previous experience, will upgrading TiDB from version 4.0.7 to 5.1 or 5.2 affect business read and write operations?

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  1. Try to keep the cluster and CDC consistent. You can either upgrade the cluster or downgrade the CDC.
  2. During the cluster upgrade process, each node will be restarted one by one, which will have some impact on the business. It’s best to do it during a low business peak period.
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This is probably due to the large version gap between ticdc and tikv, causing version incompatibility.

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