TiCDC does not support updates, how can TiCDC support updates?

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Original topic: ticdc不支持更新,怎么样才能才TICDC支持更新

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[Reproduction Path] TIDB+DM+TICDC replicates data from MySQL database A to database B, while canal+kafka reads binlog data from database B.
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ticdc does not support updates, update statements are converted to delete + insert
Querying at the tidb level, it is still an update statement

When it reaches ticdc, it is no longer an update

Such an update statement becomes 2 statements, doubling the data volume. How can TICDC support updates?

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The underlying principles determine the output of TiCDC.

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I feel like this will increase the GC consumption of the receiving environment.

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Could you share the table structure and the UPDATE statement? Did you update the primary key?

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Ordinary updates, any field is like this.

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