TiCDC Error: A Single Changefeed Exceeds ETCD Transaction Max Size: 1310720

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Original topic: ticdc 报错 a single changefeed exceed etcd txn max size:1310720

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] v5.4.2
[Encountered Problem: Problem Phenomenon and Impact]
CDC synchronization fails to start after an abnormal restart.
The error indicates that the txn size is too large.

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After version 6.1, CDC supports transaction splitting.

Currently, the version can only split transactions at the service level to reduce transaction size.

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Can I use CDC 6.1 to run on a TiDB 5.4 cluster?

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No, the versions of TiDB components should ideally be consistent…

Moreover, 5.X and 6.X have a major version difference, which is likely to be incompatible…

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Alright, I’ll use BR then, since the business can’t be changed immediately. Thanks for the reply.

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Hello, this error means that the metadata information contained in a changefeed has exceeded the size that a single etcd transaction can handle. This issue is likely caused by a changefeed synchronizing too many tables. How many tables are you synchronizing with a single changefeed?

If you are not willing to upgrade the CDC version, the possible solutions are as follows:

  1. Record the current checkpointTs of the changefeed.
  2. Stop the GC of the upstream TiDB cluster.
  3. Delete the metadata of the changefeed in etcd.
  4. Start a new synchronization task, set the startTs to the recorded checkpointTs, and ensure that each changefeed does not synchronize more than 500 tables.

This issue has been resolved in version 6.0.0 and later. You might consider using CDC version 6.1.2 for synchronization. According to current test results, CDC 6.1.2 is compatible with TiDB 5.4.2.

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1969 tables, 1 changefeed
I have already deleted the etcd metadata and resynchronized.
PS: If CDC has a txn exception, it will restart in a loop. You can only manage it by operating etcd. I hope the official team provides some command instructions for easier management.

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Is there any documentation that explains which versions of CDC are backward compatible with which versions of TiKV? Can 6.1.2 CDC be compatible with 5.2.3?

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