TiCDC Error [CDC:ErrMessageTooLarge] Message is too large

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Original topic: ticdc 报错[CDC:ErrMessageTooLarge]message is too large

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ticdc synchronization interrupted
Error [CDC:ErrMessageTooLarge] message is too large

max-message-bytes=4294967296 has been updated to 4294967296 through changefeed update, but it still doesn’t work
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[2023/08/31 08:11:54.638 +00:00] [WARN] [canal_json_encoder.go:328] [“Single message is too large for canal-json”] [maxMessageBytes=1000000] [length=1106935] [table=weimob.order] [value="eyJpZCI6ZGF0YWJhc2UiOiJhaWRdX3dlaW1vYiIsInRhYmxlIjoid2VpbW9iX3RlbmFudF9vcmRlciIsInBrTmFtZXMiOlsiadwiaXNEZGwiOmZhbHNlLCJ0eXBlIjoiVVBEQVRFIiwiZXMiOjE2OTM0NjY0MDE2MDUsInRzIjoxNjkzNDY5NTE0NjM0LCJzcWwiOiIiLCJzcWxUeXBlIjp7ImlkIjotNSwidGVuYW50X2lkIjotNSwid2lkIjoxLCJvcmRlcl9ubyI6MSwiZW5hYmxlX2RlbGl2ZXJ5IjotNiwib3JkZXJfc3RhdHVzIjotNiwib3JkZXJfc3RhdHVzX25hbWUiOjEyLCJ0cmFuc2Zlcl90eXBlIjotNiwidHJhbnN

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Check if the max-message-bytes in the configuration file has been correctly updated.

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Is the downstream Kafka? Check the kafka’s message.max.bytes configuration to see if it has been exceeded.

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Yes. It’s fixed :joy: :joy: :joy:

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