TiCDC GC Issue 2

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When I backed up data in TiDB and restored it in downstream MySQL, I received a prompt indicating that the checkpoint is earlier than the GC save point when creating a CDC task. The GC-TTL for CDC is set to 48 hours, but it did not take effect.

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Don’t say anything, just increase tidb_gc_life_time.
Last time, a database backup took 24 hours. You need to increase this parameter directly.

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Do you use CloudCanal?

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Core capabilities

  1. Provide TiDB → Tidb
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You see, it only provides replication between TiDBs.

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Just change tidb_gc_life_time. If your current tidb_gc_life_time is less than 24 hours, and you set the gc-ttl to 48 hours when creating CDC, specifying data from 24 hours ago will still be invalid because the data from 24 hours ago in the cluster has already expired. The gc-ttl of CDC is based on the premise that you can create it successfully. After that, the GC advancement time of the TiDB cluster will follow the gc-ttl. If you haven’t created it successfully yet, it will definitely follow tidb_gc_life_time

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The default value of tidb_gc_life_time is 10 minutes. If there is a downstream or flashback, it needs to be increased.

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Increase the value of tidb_gc_life_time

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Try increasing tidb_gc_life_time and see if it helps.