TiCDC Incremental Synchronization Error

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Original topic: ticdc增量同步报错

| username: l940399478

[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] v5.1.4
Error when creating cdc task:
Error: component TiCDC changefeed’s config file /home/tidb/changefeed.toml contained unknown configuration options: consistent, consistent.level, consistent.storage
The content of changefeed.toml is as follows:

Consistency level, configured as eventual to enable consistency replication

level = “eventual”

Use S3 to store redo log, other options are local, nfs

storage = “local:///data4/inc_backup”

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storage = “file:///data4/inc_backup”

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Looking at the error message: It seems that this version does not have the “consistent” option.

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Version 5.1.4 is not supported, it is recommended to use version 6.1.2 or above.

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The configuration file changefeed.toml contains unknown configuration options consistent, consistent.level, and consistent.storage.

The changefeed.toml configuration file for TiCDC does not contain a top-level configuration item named consistent. This error may be due to a version mismatch or an incorrect configuration file format.