TiCDC not synchronizing, checkpoint stuck

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Original topic: ticdc不同步了,checkpoint卡住不动

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One of the upstream source tidb-server nodes experienced an OOM. After the OOM, ticdc got stuck and seemed to have encountered a BUG. Then I tried to delete the synchronization task and recreate it, but encountered the error [CDC:ErrStartTsBeforeGC] fail to create changefeed because start-ts 440847256865996803 is earlier than GC safepoint at 440856954345881600, making it impossible to recreate. Upon checking, the actual gc_safe_point is 440847256865996803. Why can’t it be created?

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Additionally, during the process of fixing the old synchronization task, I tried restarting CDC and the downstream TiDB server, but it had no effect. Then I set gc_life_time to 48h, thinking of redoing it the next day.

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The reason for not being able to create is because the GC time has passed. For example, if your original gc_life_time is set to 1 hour, after 1 hour it will have already passed. You can check by running select * from mysql.tidb where variable_name like '%gc%'; to see if tikv_gc_safe_point is before or after the start-ts. If it is after, you will encounter an error when starting the task.

You can refer to the following for the conversion between TSO and time:

SELECT TIDB_PARSE_TSO(@@tidb_current_ts);
SELECT conv(concat(bin(unix_timestamp('2022-01-06 12:30:59') * 1000),'000000000000000001'),2,10);

As for why the checkpoint is not moving, you will need to provide the relevant logs and monitoring for CDC, PD, TiKV, and TiDB to possibly determine the cause.

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When you modified gc_life_time, the gc_safe_point that CDC stayed at should have already expired. Your earliest gc_safe_point now should be 440856954345881600, but CDC recorded 440847256865996803. The data lost in between cannot be recovered.

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The question is that the gc_safe_point displayed in my system is at 20230417-10:33:45, which is still the moment it got stuck. In theory, if I convert this time point into TSO, it should be able to connect.

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Shouldn’t CDC being stuck cause GC to be hung for 24 hours?

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The image is not visible. Please provide the text you need translated.

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For GC-related topics, you can check out these two articles:

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I couldn’t figure out the reason, so I just redid the recovery.