TiCDC sends all data to the same partition in Kafka

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Original topic: ticdc发送到kafka的数据全部写到同一个分区内

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cdc startup configuration

tiup cdc cli changefeed --pd=,, create --sink-uri=“kafka://,,,,” --changefeed-id=“cdctmswaybill” --config cdc_dwd_tms_waybill_incream_cdc.toml

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Specify the partition-num parameter in the sink-uri, for example: <kafka://localhost:9092/test?partition-num=3> and give it a try.

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I see that the official documentation states that this parameter specifies the number of partitions for the downstream Kafka. We have configured it to be consistent with the number of downstream partitions, partition-num=5. Is there any reason for your suggestion to change it to the default configuration, partition-num=3?

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It looks like it was written according to your requirements.