[TiCDC Source Code Analysis #10 Preview] 4.18 Introduction to TiCDC Storage Sink Implementation Principles and Protocols

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Original topic: 【TiCDC 源码解读#10 预告】4.18 TiCDC Storage Sink 实现原理和协议介绍

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TiCDC (TiDB Change Data Capture) is a tool used to capture and output data changes in the TiDB/TiKV cluster. It can serve as an incremental data synchronization tool for TiDB, synchronizing incremental data from the TiDB cluster to downstream databases. It also provides an open data protocol, supporting data publishing to third-party systems.

This is the tenth article in the TiCDC source code interpretation series. This article will introduce the implementation principles and protocols of TiCDC Storage Sink (based on the TiCDC v6.5.1 version code). The article will revolve around the following four questions:

  • What problems does Storage Sink solve in the CDC ecosystem?
  • Review of the Sink module architecture and the implementation of Storage Sink
  • Storage Sink storage path protocol
  • Storage Sink output data protocol

Guest Speaker: Zhang Xiaoshuai, PingCAP TiCDC R&D Engineer

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