TiCDC Task Creation Error

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Original topic: TiCDC 创建任务报错

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【TiDB Environment】Testing
【TiDB Version】v5.3.0
【Reproduction Path】
After upgrading the cluster from v4.0.11 to v5.3.0, using ./bin/cdc cli changefeed create
【Encountered Problem: Phenomenon and Impact】
Failed to create synchronization task with error: [CDC:ErrVersionIncompatible]version is incompatible: TiKV 4.0.11 is not supported, the minimal compatible version is 5.1.0-alpha
【Resource Configuration】

【Attachments: Screenshots/Logs/Monitoring】
There is a similar issue in the community, where the synchronization task creation also failed after the upgrade. However, after following the steps to curl http://{pd-ip-host}/pd/api/v1/stores?state=0&state=1&state=2, the result was

  "store": {
    "id": 7,
    "address": "{tikv-host}:20160",
    "version": "5.3.0",...

It seems different from the cause of this issue (i.e., TiKV version not synchronized in PD). I hope someone with experience can take a look.

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You can execute this command to check the version of all TiKV nodes:

tiup ctl:v5.3.0 pd store --jq '.stores[] | .store | {address, version, state_name}'
| username: EricSong | Original post link

After executing tiup ctl:v5.3.0 pd store --pd="http://{pd-ip-with-port}" --jq '.stores[] | .store | {address, version, state_name}', it returns that the jq executable file does not exist. Isn’t jq supposed to be included with pd-ctl? Or does it need to be installed separately?

Starting component `ctl`: /home/tidb/.tiup/components/ctl/v5.3.0/ctl pd store --pd=http://{pd-ip-with-port} --jq .stores[] | .store | {address, version, state_name}
exec: "jq": executable file not found in $PATH

Afterwards, by executing tiup ctl:v5.3.0 pd store --pd="http://{pd-ip-with-port}", I discovered the issue. There is an old tiflash node installed within the cluster that has not been properly decommissioned, and information about this node still exists in PD.

"labels": [
    "key": "engine",
    "value": "tiflash"
"version": "v4.0.11",

However, this node is no longer present in tiup cluster display. How should this be cleared in such a situation?

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Find the store_id corresponding to TiFlash and try using store delete store_id.

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However, since you didn’t shut down properly before, there might still be some remnants. You can consider checking this official documentation:

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Here, tiup is calling the jq tool from Linux. It is recommended to install it, as it is a powerful tool for parsing JSON.

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Okay, I’ll give it a try, thanks!

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