TiDB-binlog Issues

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Original topic: TiDB-binlog问题

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Does TiDB have a feature like MySQL where you can enable binlog and use third-party tools like my2sql to generate SQL for flashback actions?

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You can refer to this: TiDB 日志备份与 PITR 使用指南 | PingCAP 文档中心

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Just use flashback, it will work.

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Isn’t there native flashback? But the premise is that it hasn’t been garbage collected.

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MVCC’s multi-version is in the form of insert into, right?

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  1. The new version of binlog is about to be deprecated.
  2. Binlog has a pb mode, and Reparo is used for recovery.
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TiDB has a dedicated flashback operation. For details, refer to the video training. At the same time, it requires the cooperation of GC parameters.

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Within the GC time, you can directly flashback. Outside the GC time, there are PITR and binlog. In version 7.5, it is recommended to use PITR.

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