TiDB CDC Full Data Refresh

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Original topic: tidb cdc 全量数据刷新

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] v7.5.0
We are using cdc-kafka to refresh incremental data into Kafka. However, to be consistent with the previous CDC methods of MySQL and SQL Server, we hope to also store full data in Kafka, and do so before the incremental data, while maintaining the continuity of both full and incremental data. What methods are currently available to achieve this?

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How about this one?

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CDC should only support incremental data synchronization, and full data can only be handled by other methods.

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CDC does not support full data, only incremental.

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It feels like I can only write a script to achieve this.

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This is somewhat difficult to implement.

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CDC can only handle incremental data, not full data. You can try using CloudCanal for synchronization and see if this workflow can be completed.

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In theory, it only supports incremental updates. You can look into it further.