TiDB Cloud Console Cannot Query or List Databases

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Original topic: tidbcloud 控制台不能查询,不能列出数据库

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[Encountered Issue] TiCloud console cannot run SQL queries normally;
[Reproduction Path] Log in to the console, click on the cluster, Chat2Query, the Schemas list does not refresh, executing SQL prompts InternalError;
[Issue Phenomenon and Impact]
Using browser Firefox 114.0b3 (64-bit)
When refreshing Schemas, the console API reports error 500
GET https://us-west-2.prod.aws.tidbcloud.com/api/v1/dataapps/sqleditor/orgs/13728130891967xxxx/projects/137281308919442xxxx/clusters/137966194463809xxxx/meta?isbrief=false

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Today, while checking the Diagnosis on the console, I noticed that the playground account was continuously connecting to the database and querying the test database sample_data. I deleted this test database, and later found that the console stopped working. Even after re-importing the database data from the import tab on the console, it still didn’t recover.

Here are the error images:

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Hello, this cluster was created last December. This part of the cluster is relatively old and currently does not support the chat2query capability. However, the prompts for this are not very user-friendly, and we will complete the optimization soon. We are continuously working on a solution to support older clusters. If you want to use chat2query, you need to create a new cluster or use a cluster created after February this year with a serverless cluster version of 6.5 or above.

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It was working well before. Since I ran a business myself, I won’t create a new instance. I’ll wait a bit longer.

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