TiDB Cluster v6.4.0 Backup and Restore Failure

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Original topic: tidb集群v6.4.0备份还原失败

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
Tested using ./dumpling -h -P 4001 -u root -p ‘password’ --filetype sql -t 32 -F 256m -o /tidb/backup/dump2020102 in the TiDB cluster v6.4.0 environment, backup was successful. The dumpling installation package used is tidb-toolkit-v5.0.1-linux-amd64. Then tested the command: ./tidb-lightning -config lightning.tom to restore, but encountered an error due to version inconsistency. The error is shown in the image below:

How to resolve this backup failure issue since there is no tidb-toolkit-v6.4.0-linux-amd64 package on the official website?

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High and low versions are not compatible; you must use tools of the same version.

Dumpling is a logical backup, and you can also import it using a regular client import…

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Isn’t it this package?

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Oh. The package has been integrated into tidb-community-toolkit-v6.4.0-linux-amd64.tar.gz.

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