[TiDB Community Honors] October Glory Unfolds, MVA Debuts!

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Original topic: 【TiDB 社区荣誉】十月荣耀绽放, MVA 登场!

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October MVA is here!

Thank you very much to the partners who have contributed to the TiDB community, and also to the evangelists of the TiDB community who have written many user practice cases, technical experience sharing, fault analysis cases, and other highly valuable technical articles, helping other community partners to better understand and use TiDB. The selection and commendation activities of MVA&MOA are not only a symbol of honor but also an opportunity and motivation for TiDB community members to work together to achieve common goals.

Let’s reveal the new MVA of the TiDB community for October!


October MVA: @Fly-bird

Personal Introduction:

I am currently employed at Yadea Technology Group as a dedicated system engineer, not a professional DBA. I entered the system operation and maintenance industry in 2010, having worked at Nankai University, a large domestic spot trading platform, a large domestic group buying and shopping platform, and a large car networking company. From the initial DB2, Oracle to Mysql, PostgreDb, and now TiDB, I have some understanding of the database industry. Most of my career has been spent battling with Oracle, from single machine to Rac, from the original factory to MateLink. Since I started using TiDB in 2020, I have liked this database platform, which is compatible with the Mysql protocol, has rich documentation, and an active community. Those familiar with Mysql can seamlessly integrate into TiDB with ease.

MVA Declaration:

I am very honored to become an MVA of the TiDB community. The community has both professional and non-professional technical experts who selflessly contribute; it is friendly to newcomers, and even beginners’ questions are not left unanswered, completely comparable to MateLink, and it’s free! In the community, you can freely express your spirit of openness and freedom on the internet. I hope to grow together with the partners in the community.

2023 Evangelism Track:


Contributed 3 technical articles

October MVA: @Big Data Model

Personal Introduction:

I have a better understanding of the manufacturing, banking, and telecommunications industries, and I am concerned about and focused on the evangelism of domestic database technology and the application practice of data asset construction.

MVA Declaration:

I am very honored to become an MVA of the TiDB community. In my opinion, TiDB is the best open-source database community in China, bar none. The domestic database is a long-term endeavor, the revolution has not yet succeeded, comrades still need to work hard, let’s move forward together.

2023 Evangelism Track:

@Big Data Model

Contributed 3 technical articles

:tada: :tada: :tada: Congratulations to the two teachers for winning the TiDB community’s October MVA honor!

What is MVA&MOA?

MVA (Most Valuable Advocate) and MOA (Most Outstanding Advocate) are technical evangelists emerging in the TiDB community. They share high-quality talks, write high-quality technical articles, and engage in peer learning with community members in the fields of TiDB, cutting-edge database and big data technology, and popular technical topics. They are recognized as TiDB technology pioneers and leaders by the TiDB community, enjoying the highest community honors and benefits.

How to Become MVA&MOA?


Within one year (calendar year), if you make 3 or more multi-dimensional contributions to the TiDB community and pass the bi-monthly review by the Evangelist Committee, you can be elected as the annual MVA of the TiDB community.


Within one year (calendar year), if you make 10 or more multi-dimensional contributions to the TiDB community and pass the review by the Evangelist Committee, you can be elected as the annual MOA of the TiDB community.

Multi-dimensional Contributions Include:

Ti Can Speak:

  • Serve as a speaker at TiDB community events online or offline
  • Participate in other community events online or offline and speak about TiDB products or the TiDB community
  • Represent the TiDB community in external presentations
  • Teach TiDB public courses as a certified instructor
  • Participate as a special guest in moderator exchange meetings

Ti Can Write:

  • Publish technical articles related to TiDB
  • Requirements: 1500+ words, complete structure, and clear explanation of technical points

What Are the Benefits of MVA&MOA?

MVA Benefits:

  1. Exclusive TiDB Technical Evangelist CPU Keychain
  2. Experience points & points reward of 300 points
  3. Customized MVA plaque
  4. Peripheral gifts
  5. New course beta qualification (exempt from review)
  6. Devcon ticket (single ticket)

MOA Benefits:

  1. Experience points & points reward of 500 points
  2. Customized MOA plaque
  3. Holiday gift box
  4. One PCTP certification exam
  5. Community peripheral blind box set of 5
  6. New course beta qualification (exempt from review)
  7. Community event speaker
  8. Devcon ticket (multiple tickets)

Appendix: 2023 MOA&MVA Honor Roll

Note: Articles published by 24:00 on December 31, 2023, can participate in the 2023 MVA&MOA selection!
There is more than a month left for the last MVA&MOA selection in 2023, looking forward to more evangelists becoming MVA & MOA!

Thank You List

Thank you to all the evangelists!

@TiDBer_小阿飞 @随缘天空 @hellogitee @Prest13 @Fly-bird @msx-yzu @WalterWj @tidb菜鸟一只 @HappyUncle @longzhuquan @panlonyin @dba-kit @有猫万事足 @Timber @li_zhenhuan @像风一样的男子 @linnana @tomxu @TiDB_C罗 @bert @humengyu2012 @gykj-sunzl @xingzhenxiang @沈阳盛京征信有限公司 @tidb狂热爱好者 @qabel12 @sdojjy @asddongmen @Soysauce520 @arron @anxin @buddyyuan @裤衩儿飞上天 @我爱桃花 @TiDBer_jQtwdoUU @SoloX @waston @tjdagang1 @weixiaobing @fanderchan @LingJin @Tidb-shadow @okenJiang @tiancaiamao @neilshen @xie123 @清风明月 @我是咖啡哥 @凌云Cloud @yiduoyunQ @Raymond @AnotherCalvinNeo @Hacker_Yv76YjBL @zhangyangyu @天蓝色的小九 @shiyuhang0 @Ming @gary @qhd2004 @OnTheRoad @tracy0984 @MrSylar @Liuhaoao @cs58_dba @junyangma @BraveChen @Jellybean @Ann_ann @guangpu @logicbaby @japson @sin-coder @RaftSnail @bbhy135258 @ngvf @Hacker_小峰 @xiaohetao @jiaxin @DBA_尹裕皓 @小明sqlboy @cchouqiang @Asiaye @maxshuang @TiDBer_CQ @wd0517 @luzizhuo @这道题我不会 @华健-梦诚科技 @大数据模型 @键盘丐_ @Haaahei @xxxxxxxx @banana_jian @LeoYang90 @JiekeXu @yifan @边城元元 @HuangLu @夜-NULL @ShawnYan @长乐未央 @TiDB_猫 @xuexiaogang @jiawei @cartersz @haizi @guduyuweng @TiDBer_oIJ5fkzz @18515065291 @jiyfhust @薛港-移动云 @alexshen @代晓磊_Mars @mydb @Gin_ @田帅萌7 @h5n1 @hey-hoho @navyaijm2017 @懂的都懂 @苏州刘三枪 @dbapower @jiashiwen @leeray @mao_siyu @Hacker_ubN7WXjw @HHHHHHULK @yilong @dba小菜鸡-david @huran_tidb @sunxiaoguang @TUG微尘 @数据小黑 @信仰在空中飘扬 @CuteRay @disksing @eshin_ye @gloria_cy @Hacker_URrvEGHH @jansu-dev @pupillord @RogueJin @tsthght @zhenjiaogao @轻松的鱼 @anjia @aylen @buptzhoutian @c4pt0r @chendapao @CHXU0088 @daxiong00 @dbaspace @liyang @lvlei @maiyang @Meditator @pepezzzz @Sword @szy2010214517 @xfworld @xialuo1990 @变又未变 @不懂就问 @来了老弟 @老房 @小王同学 @benben @benmaoer @caiyfc @crazycs520-PingCAP @db_user @djshow832-PingCAP @duzq @fangfuhaomin @francis0407 @GangShen @gehaoqiang @gekaiwen @GreenGuan @gzp1 @Hacker_47YUIBIX @Hacker_dh7pmMw2 @Hacker_lBbigVlk @haiyinggao @haruki @hi_zero @hzc989 @Jamin @John_杨漆 @kylin @liyuntang @llplmlyd @lmy012 @luo3601721 @luyayao @magongyong @majiajue @mantuliu @marsishandsome @meathill @mengling2020 @minght @mount @MyronWang @mysia @ORA-600 @pp9fly @qiuyesuifeng @realcp1018 @robi @seiang @Aunt-Shirly @Sky56 @stutiredboy @sultan8252 @sylzd @thy0108 @TiDBer_Clougence @TiDBer_rNzLqb7b @tminglei @tug_twf @xuecy @XueFeng @YikSanChan @Yui-Song @zhangjinpeng @zhengyunpeng @zhuboshuai @zhukang @zimuxia-PingCAP @zoujia @zzw6776 @李志强 @天赐小郑 @田键一夫 @犀利豆 @Kongdom @啦啦啦啦啦 @songxuecheng

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