[TiDB Community Wisdom Collection] [Practical Case] When TiDB Meets K8s (Kubernetes)

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Original topic: 【TiDB 社区智慧合集】【实践案例】当 TiDB 遇见 K8s(kubernetes)

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TiDB Operator

Contributor: @清风明月

TiDB Operator Configuration for Automatic Failover of TiDB Cluster

TiDB Operator Data Import

TiDB Operator Scaling and Cluster Management

TiDB Operator Deployment of TiDB Cluster Monitoring and Alerting

Contributor: @代晓磊_Mars

TiDB on Cloud with TiDB Operator

Contributor: @边城元元

Minimal Practice of TiDB Operator on Local Kind

Contributor: @maiyang

Building TiDB Cluster with TiDB Operator on Minikube (Continuously Updated)

Contributor: @jiashiwen

Practical Use of TiDB Operator in Native K8s Environment

TiDB + K8S

Contributor: @dba_360-顾大伟

k8s TiDB Practice - Deployment

k8s TiDB Practice - Operations

Contributor: @数据小黑

TiFlash 6.0 on K8s Scaling and New Features Practice

TiSpark On Kubernetes Practice

Contributor: @pepezzzz

Data Recovery of TiDB Cluster Across Different K8s with BR

Contributor: @jiyf

Troubleshooting Scheduled Backup Status Issues in TiDB K8S

Troubleshooting Backup Deletion Blocking Issues in TiDB K8S

Contributor: @leeray

Building a Database Chaos Experiment Daily Report System Based on k8s and Chaos Mesh

Contributor: @zhuboshuai

Discussion on TiDB Cluster Upgrade Stuck Issues on K8S

Contributor: @jiashiwen

Practical Use of TiDB Operator in Native K8s Environment

Operation Documents

K8S Service vs GCP LoadBalancer

Kubernetes Services

Destroy Kubernetes Cluster

Deploy Kubernetes Cluster

Kubernetes Configuration

Deploy TiDB on Kubernetes

Deploy and Maintain TiDB on Kubernetes

TiDB Toolkit Guide on Kubernetes

Upgrade TiDB Cluster on Kubernetes

Access DM Cluster on Kubernetes

Maintain Kubernetes Nodes Hosting TiDB Cluster

Deploy Cluster Across Multiple Kubernetes Clusters

TiDB Cluster Environment Requirements on Kubernetes

Deploy TiCDC on Kubernetes

TiDB on Kubernetes Sysbench Performance Testing

Migrate TiDB to Kubernetes

Using TiDB Operator in Kubernetes Environment

Pause Sync of TiDB Cluster on Kubernetes

Common Deployment Errors of TiDB on Kubernetes

Common Exceptions of TiDB Cluster on Kubernetes

Manage Multiple Kubernetes Clusters

Deploy TiDB Cluster on Standard Kubernetes

Common Tips for Managing TiDB Cluster on Kubernetes

Manually Scale TiDB Cluster on Kubernetes

Monitor TiDB Cluster Across Multiple Kubernetes Clusters

Migrate Data Using DM on Kubernetes

Automatic Failover of TiDB Cluster on Kubernetes

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I joined the community late. I took many detours when deploying TiDB with k8s before…

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I posted it late~

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Thank you very much! I have to say this document collection is great. I’m planning to tinker with k8s recently, and it will be a perfect reference.

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Deservedly an excellent employee :grinning: