TiDB crashed after importing the MySQL database into the new MySQL database before exporting

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Original topic: tidb导出之前mysql库导入新mysql库之后崩掉了

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I used mysqldump to export a MySQL database from another TiDB and then imported it into a new database. As a result, all users failed to log in.

How to restore users or recreate users?

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Is it importing TiDB to TiDB? Are the versions the same?

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Do I need to flush it?

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The root user will not be overridden, right? You can log in as the root user in real-time and reset the passwords of other accounts.

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I searched for a solution on Baidu. In conf/tidb.toml, similar to MySQL, I added a skip option to bypass empty password login. After logging in, I found that there was no data in the MySQL user table. I tried to insert data into the user table manually, but the insertion failed. I suspect that the table was recreated during the mysqldump import, but the data insertion failed, which is why no one can log in.

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You can use Dumpling to export and Lightning to import in TiDB. Can the root user log in?

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I was already annoyed with having to use BR and CDC after downloading them, and I haven’t even mastered these two yet. Now, there’s this Dumpling thing. Forget it. The issue has been resolved. The import failure was because there was a password column that was auto-generated and couldn’t be inserted or modified. When I inserted data into the user table and ignored this column, it automatically filled in based on another password column, keeping the password unchanged.

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Dumpling is quite similar to the built-in MySQL export tool and is very simple to use.

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