TiDB Data Migration - Table Data Synchronization Between Two Clusters (Non-Full Database Synchronization)

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Original topic: TiDB数据迁移 - 两个集群之前的表数据同步(非全库同步)

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Request for Data Migration
We currently have two sets of TiDB:
The version in use is v3.0.12;
The newly built version is 6.5, which has not yet been put into production.
Now we need to migrate some tables’ data from the old version (v3.0.12) to the v6.5 version.
The largest table is about 200G. Is there any good method for this? I see that the documentation mentions dumpling and lightning. Does using dumpling have a significant impact on the read and write operations of the cluster in use?

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Concurrent 1 backup will be fine.

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Does dumpling use a single thread to back up slowly?

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200GB of data itself is not much.

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Yes, 200G. Use Lightning with a smaller number of threads and observe the load.

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Dumpling splits the export based on rowid, so it doesn’t put much pressure on the cluster. However, you need to pay attention to the GC time during the export. If it exceeds the GC time, an error will occur.

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BR cannot be used across major versions. If you need to migrate a large volume of data, is there really no good tool other than physical backup and restore?

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Can only use dumpling, the BR version is too different.

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There should be no major issues with controlling concurrency in Dumpling.

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Got it! Here is the translation:


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In addition to paying attention to pressure issues, maintenance window time must also be considered.