TiDB Deployment Options

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I would like to ask classmates with deployment experience. We are now setting up a TiDB cluster. Which version is recommended?
How many machines are needed for the minimal deployment? I see the official website requires 3 PD, 2 TiDB, and 3 KV. Can it be less?
Does the KV disk have to be SSD?
Does the network card have to be 10 Gigabit?

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  1. Versions 6.5.x, 7.1.x, and 7.5.x are all acceptable.
  2. A mixed deployment on 3 machines is required, no fewer than that.
  3. TiKV and PD must use SSDs.
  4. If the business traffic is very low, gigabit network is acceptable, but for production, it’s best to use 10-gigabit. However, if the network traffic is low, why not use a single-machine database?
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Choose the LTS version, with a minimum of 3 nodes. All TiKV nodes should use SSDs and 10 Gigabit network cards.

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It depends on your use case.
If it’s just for experiencing or personal testing, one node is sufficient.
If it’s for a development testing environment and hardware resources are limited, a mixed deployment of 3 nodes is also acceptable.
For production, it is recommended to follow the official standards.
You can choose version 7.x.

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If it’s just for experience, one machine is enough. For testing/backup environments, three machines will do, and SSD is a must.

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If it’s for learning, you can deploy a single set on one server with a single replica.
If it’s for production, having 2 TiDB, 3 PD, and 3 TiKV is essential.

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You can test with a single machine deployment of 1 PD, 1 TiKV, and 1 TiDB.
A complete deployment requires at least 3 machines, with 3 PD, 3 TiKV, and 1 to 3 TiDB mixed deployment.

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  1. 6.5
  2. 3 servers
  3. SSD
  4. 10 Gigabit
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Which version of 6.5 do you recommend? I see that there are also some minor versions of 6.5.

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TiDB 6.5.8 Release Notes

Production Deployment:

Test Deployment:

TiDB Version Release Timeline

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The minor version should definitely be the latest one, as it has fixed many bugs and features in the version.

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Install the latest minor version. For now, you should consider 7.5.1.

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First, clarify the purpose:

  1. For testing and experience, the latest version is recommended; for production environments, v6.5.x is recommended.
  2. For testing and experience, you can use only one machine; for production environments, at least three machines are required.
  3. It depends on the business volume. If the performance requirements are not high, it can operate normally without using SSDs.
  4. It is possible not to use 10 Gigabit Ethernet. Note that the 10 Gigabit Ethernet mentioned here refers to the internal network environment, not the external network. Generally, a 10 Gigabit network card is the best condition to achieve.
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For the experience, three machines are enough. As for the version, it depends on your needs; both 6 and 7 are fine.

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For a production environment, you can use v6.5.x. If you’re just experimenting, definitely install the latest version to get the full experience.

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The latest version
Can’t be any less

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Three machines are sufficient for a testing environment. However, it still depends on your budget. If the budget allows, for critical information systems, it’s better to have more redundancy. As for the version, choosing the latest one might encounter some unsolvable issues, so a slightly older version might also be fine.

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Is it mandatory to use SSDs for TiKV deployment? Is it a strict requirement of TiDB?

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You can first deploy a small set of nodes to play around with, and later expand as needed~