TiDB DM v6.3.0 Synchronization Task Stuck

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Original topic: tidb DM v6.3.0同步任务卡住

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] v.6.1.2 DM Version v6.3.0
[Reproduction Path] Upstream sharded table performed tablespace reclamation ALTER TABLE fms_voucher_x.vc_fms_voucher_item_0 ENGINE = innodb. At that time, only one sharded table fms_voucher_0.vc_fms_voucher_item_0 was processed, causing the task to stall. Later, DDL tasks were processed on the upstream for fms_voucher_2.vc_fms_voucher_item_0, fms_voucher_1.vc_fms_voucher_item_0, fms_voucher_3.vc_fms_voucher_item_0. After pausing and resuming the DM synchronization task, the error shown in the image occurred after some time. I don’t want to perform DDL operations on the table again. Could you please advise on how to restore DM synchronization in this situation?
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Scenario 1: binlog skip <task-name>, skip the current erroneous DDL statement.
Scenario 2: binlog replace <task-name> <replace-sql1> <replace-sql2>, replace the erroneous statement with equivalent SQL statements.
Reference: 使用 TiDB Data Migration 处理出错的 DDL 语句 | PingCAP 文档中心

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In your case, can’t you just use binlog skip ? The table engine hasn’t changed, it’s just that the source executed alter table engine=innodb for downsizing, right? It doesn’t matter if the downstream doesn’t execute it.

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Skipping is not possible, it directly prompts no error.

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Skip the binlog at the specified DDL operation position using -b.

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