TiDB does not support MySQL functions and stored procedures, are there any plugins or tools available?

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Original topic: Tidb 不支持mysql 函数和存储过程,那么有什么插件或工具可以用吗?

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I want to migrate MySQL to TiDB, but TiDB is not very compatible with MySQL functions and stored procedures. Are there any tools available? To avoid reinventing the wheel.
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Sure, you can refer to my reply:

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TiDB currently does not support stored procedures; you can only achieve the functionality of stored procedures through your own developed applications.

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We have implemented it within the application. If you want to implement it outside the application, we recommend using Kettle.

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You should request commercial support from the original manufacturer.

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Use the commercial version.

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The commercial version supports stored procedures, but custom functions are still not supported.

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Yes, custom functions are not supported yet. I just filled out the survey and definitely mentioned this.

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