TiDB Fails to Start After Shutdown and Restart

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Original topic: 关机重启后,TIDB启动失败

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According to the official documentation, I deployed a TiDB cluster on a single machine to simulate a production environment, and everything was normal. Later, the virtual machine needed to be shut down and restarted for other reasons. After booting up, I checked the cluster status using tiup cluster display as shown in Figure 1 and found that the status was not up. When I executed tiup cluster start to start the cluster, I encountered an error as shown in Figure 2. Could you please advise what might be wrong?

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Check the PD node logs to see what specific errors are being reported.

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Check the firewall, did it turn on again after the restart?

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The issue has been resolved. After some investigation, it turned out to be a problem with the hard drive. Thank you all, no need to reply anymore.

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Where did you see this document? Please share it.

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