TiDB Hackathon 2023 Chinese Division Team Compilation, Looking for Teammates

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Original topic: TiDB Hackathon 2023 中文赛区组队合集,求组队的小伙伴看过来

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Event Introduction


To help participants find their ideal teams and teammates, we are providing a team formation area here. Please fill in your team formation requirements in the comment section according to the format. We will periodically synchronize information within the community. The more detailed your requirements, the higher the chance of finding teammates!


  1. Register
  2. Form a team (self-organized teams of 1-4 people)
  3. Create a cluster on TiDB Serverless
  4. Check the Development Guide
  5. Divide tasks and develop the application
  6. Write a PPT (PPT template is prepared for you, click to get it)
  7. Record a Demo video (since the judges are international, it is best to use English for the presentation. If you cannot use English, you can add English subtitles to solve this problem). After recording the video, upload it to YouTube.
  8. Submit your work

Team Formation Guide

Clear team formation information can increase efficiency and success rate. Below are some contents that can quickly help team members understand each other, for your reference. Participants can also be creative; the more you write, the more choices you have. Go for it!

  • Clear Requirements
    // Start with “Looking for a team” or “Looking for teammates” to make it easier for participants to filter
  • Self-Introduction/Team Introduction
    // You can write a brief self-introduction. If you have a project idea, you can also add a project introduction.
  • Your Skills
    // You can write about the languages you often use, the tech stack you are proficient in, and if you have any community titles (contributor, committer, etc.), you can add them to let others know more about you.
  • Track Selection
    // Mention which direction or track you want to work on
  • Team Requirements
    // If you are looking for teammates, you can specify the number of people you are recruiting and the corresponding talent requirements
  • Other Skills
    // Other highlights! For example, being great at making PPTs can impress participating teams even more.
  • Hope to Join a Team
    // If you have a general direction you want to work on, you can list one or two
  • City
    // If you are in the same city, it will be more convenient to meet in person. If you are in different cities but have a good conversation, you can overcome difficulties and make friends online.
  • Nickname in the Competition WeChat Group
    // Leave your nickname to make it easier for interested participants to locate you accurately without disclosing your privacy in public.

The above content is for reference. Feel free to be creative and bold to find your ideal teammates!

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Group Nickname @未组队,大佬带带nostalgia
[Looking for Team / Teammates]
Nickname: nostalgia
Introduction: :accept: Third-year university student, has some backend development experience with Go at ByteDance, currently engaged in C++ development in Chengdu. I haven’t found my direction yet, but I want to explore different fields broadly, including this project. Compared to the strong coding skills of others, what I might have is just the ability to learn and interest.
Skills: C++, also have some understanding of database optimization
What I want to do: No specific idea
What kind of teammates I’m looking for: Strong coding skills, broad ideas, friendship first

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Group Nickname @Weny

[Looking for Team / Teammates]
Nickname: weny
Introduction: Interning in R&D at a cloud-native database company. Although it seems like they’re hiring, we’re still short-handed :smiling_face_with_tear:. I usually shuttle between the kernel and distributed systems, doing miscellaneous tasks across various Chaos modules.
Skills: Rust, Golang, database kernel, distributed systems
What I want to do: Still thinking
Looking for: Idea generator.

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The official documentation has a detailed introduction to the monitoring indicators of TiDB, which can be found at: TiDB 监控框架概述 | PingCAP 文档中心.

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The default value of tidb_gc_life_time is 10m, which means that the data deleted within 10 minutes can be recovered. If you want to recover data from a longer time ago, you need to adjust this parameter.

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【Looking for a Team】

  • Nickname:
  • Self-introduction:
    I am a full-stack developer currently working at a micro-startup on AI-based small tools. I am good at turning ideas into reality and enjoy thinking from the application layer perspective.
  • Tech Stack:
    JS/TS, Web Frontend, various developer clouds, some basic AI
  • Track Selection:
    Prefer application-layer products that can be used repeatedly, rather than one-off development in a hackathon
  • Team Requirements:
    Since I haven’t decided on a specific product direction, I’m looking for a team to join first
  • Location:
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[Looking for a team with creativity]

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