TiDB has released a chatbot, is it an intelligent conversational bot similar to ChatGPT?

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Original topic: Tidb发布机器人了,是基于chatgpt类似的智能对话机器人嘛?

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I received an internal message today that TiDB has released a bot. Is it an intelligent conversational bot similar to ChatGPT?

Now that you’ve upgraded, it’s time to learn some advanced features!

Start an interactive tutorial in your personal messages. {name-of-tutorial} can be one of the following: tutorial, advanced tutorial

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It’s just a beginner’s task… You can only ask him to teach you the basic functions of the community…

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Indeed, there is :yum:

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Where is it… How do I get on?

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Internal message notification

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I haven’t encountered it yet. It would be best if you could share a link so we can try it too. :grinning:

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Is this a new feature?

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