TiDB Index Failure

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select   count(1) from 
 table_a a  ,
      1096000160009428992 user_id,
      "2023-09-06" c_date
      1095993953290952704 user_id,
      "2023-09-06" c_date
  ) b
      a.created_at >= b.c_date
  AND a.created_at <  DATE_ADD(b.c_date, INTERVAL 1 DAY)

Why is the created_at index of table_a in this SQL a fullIndexScan?

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How is the index created?

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I don’t see any issues.

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Based on what you said, the number of records in table a is very small, and the amount of data in table b is also very small after filtering by the create_at range.

The ideal approach for the name column is to use IndexLookupJoin on table b and table a, with table a using the create_at index.

Unfortunately, TiDB’s IndexLookupJoin does not support non-equi join conditions, so it can only use hash join.

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What are the indexes of this table, and part of the execution plan screenshot is missing. Please post all of it so we can take a look.

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This is normal because you are using a join condition. Imagine if there are a lot of data in table B with inconsistent timestamps, then the created_at in table A can only be fully scanned by the index.